Background Information

Media 2 Solution (M2S) is a registerd private media company based in Arusha which seeks to work with community in supporting social economical justice through legal and legislative action. M2S intends to provide services that attract community to take action against issues that affect their social-economic wellbeing. M2S belives in Public to private partnership also it encourage private to private partnership in order to serve our community.

Physical Address

Arusha City complex 4th floor Swahili Street.

P. O. Box 611, Arusha, Tanzania.

Tel: – 0716 079 339


Website: –

Be the leading provider of high-quality news value, information and entertainment in the international and local markets by continually building our position of strength in strategically located markets.

Our mission is driven by our core values of integrity, quality and innovation. We have a long-term commitment to our employees, our customers, the communities we serve and our shareholders.

Our Strategy Statement

We will drive profitable growth in our local markets and beyond by engaging with communities, on their own terms, across multiple platforms and by developing effective marketing opportunities that connect advertisers to the prospective customers they want to reach.

Our motto



1.     Media Productions

In order to reach a wider audience, you should consider a mass marketing campaign across radio, television and newspapers. M2S conceive and strategize every campaign, using viewer and listener demographics, prime airtime spots and hard/soft-sell techniques to fine-tune your advertisement to your target audience.

a)     TV Products

M2S handles every step of the production process, from story boarding and direction to visual effects and editing. M2S has a large production crew on call, including an art director, sound engineer, cameramen, actors, voice artists and set technicians, all armed with high-tech recording equipment and years of expertise.

b)    Radio Products

When it comes to radio products; M2S 1st need to determine the target market to achieve the correct exposure. This will depend on what radio station and flight time M2S use.

The second step is creating a concept strong enough to attract the particular market. M2S script writer will then get the advert voice ready.

With the correct combination of sound effects and jingle we will achieve the ambiance required.

The next step entails selecting the appropriate voice artist. There is always a voice for any setting, English, Kiswahili hard sell, soft sell etc.

The costing of a radio advert gets influenced by numerous aspects, so please consult M2S directly.

c)     Newspaper products

M2S seeks to make sense of complex reality in order to create public understanding throw newspaper products, M2S 1st need to determine the target market to achieve the correct exposure. This will depend on what newspaper M2S will use.

The second step is creating a concept strong enough to attract the particular market. M2S will use newspaper features with the aim to creating evidence-based interpretations of realty, often confronting the dominant ways of understanding a specific phenomenon of making the intended product or campaign visible. M2S will use methodologies, our journalist gains expertise on particular idea “product”, to identify a phenomenon that is not readily obvious. M2S primary aim will be to explain. It contextualizes its subject by describing background, historical details and statistical data. The result is a comprehensive explanation, intended to shape the audience’s perception of the phenomenon. In this way M2S attempt to give a deeper understanding of an issue. It seeks to take the data available and reconfigure it, helping us to ask questions about the situation or statement or see it in a different way. With the correct combination of product information and M2S creative journalist skills we will achieve the results required.

2.     Multimedia Design

First impressions last. Double the Impact.

M2S employs everything from software package to hardware to create effective, high-impact presentations to meet the rising demands of the community or corporate market. M2S adept animators, copywriters and voice artists will bring your concept to life. The end result: a professionally crafted audiovisual product tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you desire a targeted, conference-based presentation or a looping slideshow for a more general audience, M2S offers some of the best multimedia solutions in the industry.

Despite its long history of its staff in the industry, M2S has never lost sight of what it requires to capture the viewer’s imagination. Entertainment – catching and holding the eye and mind of the onlooker – lies at the heart of multimedia, and it is in this that the experts at M2S excel. The key is consistency – the consolidation of many disparate elements to form a cohesive whole. Visual design elements and audio must fit together seamlessly, each element complementing every other, while supporting and projecting a central concept or message.

M2S approaches each project as a unique interplay of ideas; each one has an opportunity for creative potential. Prior to development, extensive brainstorming sessions develop the concept, with due respect being paid to the client’s original vision. Each idea is addressed individually, and then married with arresting visuals, from animated sequences to live camera footage, and the appropriate audio, including royalty-free music and professional voiceovers. The end product: an excellent tool for training, marketing or corporate presence.

3.     Brand Development

M2S staffs are experienced in the marketing industry which has led to an intimate understanding of advertising and the commercial environment. M2S expertise has empowered us to create widespread marketing campaigns across a variety of media. Merging innovative, eye-catching concepts with high-impact graphic design, M2S campaigns provide a powerful way to raise awareness of a client’s product and to build their company’s brand.

4.     Web Development

Web development constitutes a major part of M2S workflow, and we are well versed in every facet of the process. M2S produces visually pleasing, user-friendly designs and marries them with a sophisticated back-end, creating the ideal web solution tailored to your company’s needs.

M2S graphic artists pass their designs to our expert programming team, who plan, implement and optimize the site before hosting it on a fast, powerful and reliable hosting environment. M2S also offer technical consultation services for companies who want to improve and expand their web presence.

The advent of the Internet and organizations such as Google has seen the transformation of advertising. Web advertising has become one of the most important marketing mediums in the world today. As one of the more established web development and application providers, our service combines tomorrow’s technology with classic service standards, ensuring that M2S clients are provided with personal attention and a product that addresses a need and a purpose.

Whether it’s a brand new site, adding functionality to an existing site or a complete redesign, M2S can help. M2S creativity and technical staff will incorporate your thoughts and ideas into a professional, effective and functional website. M2S superior design skills, as well as continuous monitoring of the technological advances of the web, empower us to develop sites that realize our clients’ goals.

5.     Print Projects

M2S staffs have had a long history of print design and graphic design. M2S products included business cards, corporate stationery, album cover art, posters, calendars, banners and automobile vinyls. Thanks to M2S extensive creativity in the print industry, our designs are highly visible and effective at conveying your message and building your brand. M2S produces print items to an international standard, utilizing only the highest quality printing stock and processes.

We have an extensive selection of print options available for small, medium and large businesses.

6.     Conference

M2S can organize a meeting or conference for you, we have both the facilities on call and the professional experience in staging meetings and banquets to ensure that whatever your needs, they will be met in full. That means you will be free to ensure your meeting works at maximum productivity, that your conference delegates are relaxed and happy, that your presentation is at its most effective, or that your party is a joyful and memorable one.

We can organize fully air conditioned rooms are to host events for up to 100 people, creating endless possibilities for successful meetings, seminars, exhibitions, cocktails and banquets. The conference rooms offer a variety of sizes and configurations tailored to meet your needs.

If you wish to have a large outdoor area we can arrange it for you “ Exmple set in an oasis of lush gardens”, can accommodate up to 400 people. It is an ideal location for weddings, receptions and parties.

Customized event planning, exceptional catering options and a full complement of professional presentation tools will ensure that each and every gathering is a success. Naturally, we will also arrange a fully equipped business centre manned by experienced staff to address any requirements.

When every detail must be perfect, you can count on our advanced facilities and expert meeting professionals to deliver a productive and successful outcome.

7.     Conference Packages

The conference packages will suit the need of many clients, but since we are aiming at the highest customer satisfaction, we can also tailor meeting and conference arrangements to individual needs.

You may choose from the available venues, define your set-up, request special equipment and pick special coffee breaks, lunches or dinners.  We will happily assist you with our expertise and advice to make your function a success. For dietary or ethnic requirements, we cater on request.

Secretarial services, photocopying and fax are available, as well as spacious areas for meeting breaks. We can also arrange decorations, music, lighting and entertainment. Special indoor and outdoor venues are available for high level meetings, cocktails and dinners.

8.     Special Products

M2S staffs many years of serving clients, have made us familiar with the limitations and pitfalls of the industry, and have developed a variety of solutions geared toward increasing M2S clients’ satisfaction with our services. These solutions save M2S clients time and money by giving them maximum control over their services. Examples are …

a.     Electronic Magazines

The advantage of an electronic magazine is that it can provide an enticing preview of what to expect before the client purchases the magazine, whether it is online or a hard copy.

b.     Business Card CDs

Business Card CDs are distinctive, pocket-sized CDs that can be branded with a client’s corporate identity and contact details, and can be written with 50MB of data. They are ideal branding tools, since they are professional, functional, and unique. Business Card CDs are most effective when distributed like normal business cards or displayed at an exhibition or presentation. When handed out in the fashion of normal business cards, Business Card CDs have the advantage of providing the client with digital content that can be read by an ordinary CD-ROM drive, in addition to your contact details. For this reason, they have been used to distribute sales catalogues and presentations, company directories, and corporate.


M2S strength lies on the media both printed and electronic. Being a media agency, with ability to capture voices from the grassroots and provide civil society with a communication platform. M2S rank it self as the only alternative in collecting news and informing the community. Currently; M2S is agent of 16 newspaper, 3 radio and 2 TV station in which information are being spread. Some of these medium have a national and international coverage which ensures the widespread of information. M2S’s journalistic output is primarily available in English and Swahili.


M2S as news agency actively they are involved in promoting communication for development, M2S interacts with a number of different audiences. Indeed, we like to think of our work as building an information bridge linking together with the following communities: Media, Civil Society, International Institutions, Policy Makers, Donors and individual readers. Some of our products and actions are much more relevant to one or more of our audiences, but we constantly strive to generate maximum benefit and interaction by considering how to re-edit, re-package and redirect content.

M2S has some experience in investigative journalism. Interactive programs that bring in views from different people who have many elements of public interest journalism as communities from different socio-economic, political and culture contest over issues of common interest. With the support of Goverment and Privert Organisation, M2S will expand its capacity to use its outlets as an entry point to promote public interaction on various issues of their concerns. This participatory approach is expected to generate public debate, enhance democratic rights and development discourse. At the same time, it will initiate the Media Agency’s efforts towards investigative journalism.



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