There is no doubt that Africa is very rich in terms of resources, what is missing is patriotic management of this resources. These have been observed by The University of Dar es Salaam professor Chris Peter Maina.

Professor Chris Peter Maina 

The don, who was presenting a paper on ongoing the Tanzania forum on mining, oil and gas held in Dar es Salaam. Likened the country with Nigeria where, despite oil abundance, the country is in dire poverty while leaders enjoy huge wealth.

The forum with the theme “Industries, Sovereignty and Sustainable Development” was organized by Haki Madini, Interfaith Committee on Economic Justice and Integrity and Policy Forum, brought together hundreds of stakeholders from Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Uganda.

Director from Haki Madini Amani Mustafa from right talking with Chadema MP from Kigoma Kabwe Zitto left  and Semkae Kilonzona from Policy Forum.

He said the most disastrous thing is the confidentiality accorded to the contracts by the government in the country while you can easily access the same on bookshelves in the countries of investors’ origin.

He likened the Buzwagi controversial contract that was signed in London in 2007 to the exclusive land agreement signed between colonial agent Karl Peters and Sultan Mangungu in Tanga in 1885 where the latter unwittingly gave away a very big chunk of land to Germany.

Those in trusted with these resources in most Africa continent have no interest in heart but their own individualism interest. Resources are seems as the means toward political power or personal worth or both.

In the first generation of African leadership one could at least see elements of patriotism and love for the continent. One only needs to closely sturdy leaders like Kwame Nkuruma, Jomo Kenyata and Julius Nyerere to see traces and sense of belonging of love of the continent from this people.

Notwithstanding the alleged mistakes they have made in no way they can be compared to those running the continent today. We no longer have leaders in Africa we have rules, the current rules a largely out to sell the continent and its resources they are all alike civilians and militants worst  of all are military in civilian cloth’s with their pretenses  of democracy. There countries like Tanzania whose leaders had once been in the military have shown that we can only dream for Democracy.

Professor Maina noted that the Constitution does not clearly protect the natural resources as it gives the government a leeway to do anything with the resources, saying the new Constitution should avail citizens with more say in natural resources.

“We are just trustees in this country, all this wealth belongs to the future generation, therefore we need to have a Constitution that blocks greedy leaders from misusing minerals” said the professor.