MOSHI Rural District Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Chairman, Mr Gabriel Masenga was on Tuesday evening re-elected for another term in office after garnering 1,072, which was 92.1 per cent of 1,164 valid votes casted.

Announcing the poll results, Election Supervisor, Mr Hassan Mtenga, who is also the Hai District CCM Secretary, Mr Masenga’s three challengers, who pulled out of the race, Mr Edward Shayo, Mr Geofrey Shao and Mr Martin Mallya got 24, 37 and 31 votes respectively.

Moshi Rural constituency legislator, Dr Cyril Chami was elected member of the ruling party’s National Executive Committee (NEC), defeating his challengers, Mr Philip Moshi and Mr Frank Makyao, who earlier pulled out of the race, ending up in securing 18 and 25 votes respectively.

Delegates to the district conference also picked ten members, with their votes in brackets, in the District CCM Executive Committee, naming them as Mr Edward Shayo (902), Mr Kaale Ruwaichi (820), Epafra Teete (820), Ms Rose Shembilu (819), Dr Juda Msaki (748), Shalli Raymond (692), Mr Thomas Mallya (672), Mr Goodluck Manga (637), Mr Martin Mallya (597) and Mr Hashim Mandali (493).

The following five members, with their garnered votes in brackets, were elected by the conference delegates to represent the district in the National CCM Conference, naming them as Shalli Raymond (922), Dr Juda Msaki (820), Mr Edward Shayo (813), Mr Thomas Mallya (748) and Mr Ruwaichi Kaaya (672).

Mr Cyril Mushi was picked as the district’s Finance and Economic Secretary after securing 119 votes, defeating his challenger, Mr Betweli Makyao who got one vote, while Mr Hussein Jamal was elected the district’s Publicity Secretary after getting 113 votes, while his contestants Mr Hashim Mandari and Mr Abdulrahaman Msangi got 4 and 3 votes respectively.

Earlier, Mr Masenga and Dr Chami pledged to reclaim Vunjo constituency currently the seat of Mr Augustine Mrema, the National Chairman of Tanzania Labour Party (TLP). Mr Masenga thanked the delegates for their cooperation in supporting and defending CCM.