Tanzania Ministry of Energy and Minerals Special Committee on Tuesday November 20, 2012 will hold a meeting in Arusha aiming at collecting feedback from stakeholders (community members) from the industry at Youth League grounds (CCM MKOA).

The aim of the committee is to collect feedback to avoid making mistakes, it is important as a nation we to be sure what we want and have the ability to make the right decisions, including the formulation of the gas policies.

The committee will be responsible for preparing the best mechanism to manage the development of the gas sub-sector in the country. To make sure there is accountability, transparency and good governance so that our nation may receive income eligible for the exposure and exploitation of this resource, such proceeds to be used properly as the basis for creating a sustainable economy modernization, that will improve many lives of Tanzanians, so all Tanzanians are requested to appear tomorrow starting at 1300hrs until 1600hrs in the afternoon to discuss and comment on the initial draft of the new policy of gas in the country.

In recent years there has been a largest natural gas discovery in Tanzania in coastal areas and deep areas of the ocean where so far a total of 33 trillion cubic feet have been found. Exploration work continues and there is a possibility of further discovery.

The gas discovered so far is not enough to translate us into the league of world’s biggest gas producers. considering that even our neighbor Mozambique have proven to have a vast of natural gas compared to Tanzania.

But the amount of natural gas in our country already proven to be available is sufficient to enable us to be important producers of natural gas, and if we manage to organized properly and carefully this sub-sector, it can be help to accelerate development.

Conversely, if we do not manage well it will never benefited us. Worse enough we have examples of countries where oil and gas discoveries have messed up their economies.

Starting today we have the opportunity to avoid the mistakes others have made, we have the opportunity to take the experience of what they have done well. But we must act now or it would be difficult to fix the mistakes later.

Although it is important to understand that people will not become rich overnight. We do not expect revenues in the next few years. Countless we must think of the future generations. We who are living  today are stewards of what future generations will inherit from us. So you’ll have to think enough to determine how much income will chew today and how much should be used to build the foundation of a better life for future generations, especially considering that one day the gas will run out.

Source: – HAKIMADINI http://www.hakimadini.org