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  1. Hakuna anaejali kuuhsu mimi na wewe, watu wakishapata nafasi wanajitahidi kutafuta pesa ya kutunza familia zao na siyo mtu mwingine, kwanza wanunuwe gari jipya, wanunuwe shamba , wanunuwe viwanja wajenge, wapeleke watoto shule fulani nzuri kama mtoto wa fulani. Hapo hapo kuna shangingi pembeni. Wapange safari za nje ili wanufaike zaidi na kuwapeleka wake zao. Hakuna kiongozi mwenye muda na wananchi na kama yupo mtaje hapa tumfahamu wote.Wao muuza madafu ni kama takataka, kwani wao kwenye offisi zao kuna soda baridi na maji kilimanjarao. kwa hivyo hakuna tatizo kuondowa wauza nadafu barabarani. Mwenyekiti usinanie hii.

  2. I understand your point about ltteing users decide by themselves whether they want to upgrade or not. However, I think you’d agree with me that by exposing the details of the vulnerability, we would be risking to put blogs running the upgraded version of Habari in harms’s way .Giving the nature of opensource, a slightly experienced developer can figure out -from the publicly available commit log- what the vulnerability was. But by directly detailing the particular vulnerability and how to exploit it, we would be increasing the odds of a Habari-powered blog getting attacked.I don’t think it makes sense to conclude that a strategy like this is about hiding bad coding, because as I mentioned all commit logs are publicly available.In Habari’s development model, and apart form nominating new PMC members and majour security issues, everything is done in the wild. There are no off-record discussions nor off-record fixes patches. And my personal opinion and experience obliges me to state that I rarely ever been an an open source project open like Habari.Thank you for your opinion and advise, I will make that I bring it up to the community’s attention in hopes to come up with a way to provide more information on security issues while keeping malicious users as much in the dark about these as possible.

  3. dit :Tout compte fait; je suis heruuex de constater la restructuration au sein de l UDPS, le seul parti qui incarne la vraie opposition dans mon Pays,la RDCongo.Le president Tshisekedi fait montre d une energie inepuisable et c est cela sa grande force personnelle quand a l affrontement des situations dans toutes les circonstances de sa vie politique. Je suis du coeur avec lui car je comprends qu il est tout le temps entoure des gens qui ne le comprennent pas ou soit qui ne l ont jamais compris du tout. Mais ce vieux reste et restera a jamais une ICONE politique en RDC. Souvent il est traite comme on le veut bien le qualifier: Dictateur, inamovible,bloqueur,etc mais dans le couer de tout un chacun des Congolais que nous sommes, nous reconnaissons en lui, un homme qui ne voit pas du tout ses propres interets sinon, il aurait deja fait des concessions avec les occidentaux pour briguer des grandes fonctions mais son probleme a lui, c est la charge qui l a acceptee de porter pour un avenir meilleur des filles et fils de la RDC.Bravo, Courage et surtout Felicitations au president national de l UDPS, le Docteur Etienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba, nous sommes et resterons toujours avec vous dans toutes les situations que nous pourrions traverser et nous vous rassurons de notre soutien inconditionnel.Vive le Patriarche!.

  4. I’d certainly agree with the “rarest” Groovies tag. I’ve got loads of Groovies stuff but I have only ever seen a prutcie of this – the nearest I came to having a copy was when I got outbid once on Ebay. It just looks fantastic. Apart from “one off” Groovies acetates of course! For example, the 1972 acetate of Married Woman/ Little Queenie/ What You Need is A Shot of R&B which was never released in that form. I assume you still have it?Jealous of Birmingham.

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