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CORD Campaign team has raised concerns on the credibility of the results streamed on live TV from the IEBC national tallying centre at Bomas of Kenya.
The CORD national steering committee chairman Franklin Bett accompanied by ODM Secretary General Anyang’ Nyong’o and Lands Minister James Orengo raised several key concerns that puts credibility of results into question. Here are the concerns raised:

  • Collapse of IEBC server for more than six hours puts to doubt the results being released; arguing that if the server has been down for more than six hours, from where are the results are being streamed on live TV coming from?

  • Credibility of the BVR system and ability of IEBC to verify voters. It was reported that BVR kits failed in the better part of the morning at which time IEBC officials resorted to manual register, later in the afternoon the BVR kits started working and IEBC put them into use.

  • IEBC staff caught issuing multiple ballot papers in some regions where the competition has strongperson on the ground.

  • Voting reportedily going on at 2:30am 5th March in Jubilee strongholds of Kimilili, Kitale, Ongata Rongai while in CORD strongholds voting closed on time as per IEBC guidelines.

  • CORD agents denied access into some areas

  • Others was the live streaming of voter results on TV, radio and mobile devices while voting was underway terming it a psychological manipulation of voters who waiting to vote in polling centres.

Bett’s concerns sets the stage for contesting of the results if the CORD concerns are not resolved.

By the time of going to press IEBC, Safaricom and Political Party ICT officials were reported to be in a crisis meeting to discuss the crash of the server and possible remedy.

IEBC is yet to respond to the concerns raised.