Rais Jakaya  Kikwete akipata maelezo toka kwa Afisa Masoko wa Kampuni ya MEGA TRADE INVESTMENT LTD Bw. Goodluck Kway mara baada ya kutembelea banda lao jana katika viwanja vya  sabasaba jijini Dar es saalam

Rais Jakaya Kikwete  akipokea zawadi  ya kinywaji cha K-VANT GIN kutoka kwa Afisa Masoko wa Kampuni ya Megatrade Investment ltd Bw. Goodluck Kway mara baada ya kutembela banda hilo jana katika viwanja sabasaba jijini Dar es saalam ambapo Rais Kikwete alipongeza kampuni hiyo na kuhaidi kuwa serikali itaendelea kuwaunga mkono

Taswira katika banda la kampuni ya Megatrade Investment katika viwanja vya sabasaba jijini Dar es saalam


Afisa Masoko wa Megatrade Investment ltd Bw.Goodluck Kway akiwa ndani ya banda lao lililosheheni bidhaa mbalimbali inayotengenezwa na kampuni hiyo yenye makao yake makuu jijini Arusha




Tetemeko la ardhi limetokea Tanzania katika mkoa wa Kagera na sehemu za Uganda, tetemeko hilo lilikuwa kubwa la wastani ambalo halikuwa na madhara. Nyumba zilitinkisika lakini hakuna madhara au majanga yoyote ambayo yamelipotiwa mpaka sasa.


Strong earthquake – Lake Albert Region, Uganda on July 3, 2013

Update 21:48 UTC : Lake Albert is the northernmost of the chain of lakes in the Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift, covering parts of Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. It extends from the northern end of Lake Albert to the southern end of Lake Tanganyika. The geographical term includes the valley and the surrounding mountains. The Albertine Rift and the mountains are the result of tectonic movements that are gradually splitting the Somali Plate away from the rest of the African continent.

Most important Earthquake Data:
Magnitude : 5.7
Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2013-07-03 22:21:46
GMT/UTC Time : 2013-07-03 19:21:46
Share your earthquake experience (I Have Felt It) with our readers.

Gulu University – i was in the hostel level four(4th floor) when we were having a medical research meeting,GUMSA research when all over a sudden we saw our PCs shaking,tables,seats and i first ran to the Balcony only to find that it was too intense and other guys had already started hustling downstairs,so i immediately joined them and reached ground floor when i had not picked even a single item not even my PC that i was using, a day ago, it had also happened though during the day
Ntinda Kalinabiri – Even my pans rattled. I could feel everything shaking. The birds in the tree outside my house were scared and made noises long after the tremor stopped. The heaviest piece of furniture in my dining room seemed to be moving.
IBBH Entebbe – Felt nauseous at first and realized it felt like I was swaying.
Bwebajja Entebbe – At 1.31am Bwebajja Entebbe rd received another quake but this time round very light. But the bed didn’t forget to shake.
Kampala – Another one! Felt these strong shakes and jolted awake to find my bed shaking like a leaf. At least 20-30 seconds long.
kyambogo, naalya – just felt it now around 1.15am…. oh my God.
Uganda Kampala – I felt it in Kampala. Another earthquake from lake Albert. Sitting on toilet. Shaking for a few seconds.
Masaka – I was resting in the back of my car and thought someone was trying to break in because the car was rocking so much. Shaking lasted 1-2 minutes. A lot of dogs barking!
Kampala – Third tremor/quake in one evening and second day in a week!
Kampala – weak shaking on 2nd floor of hotel in Kampala.
Rubaga – Time check 1:35am another earthquake it took btn 5 to 7 seconds.
Jinja , Uganda – I have experienced a bad one before, so i wasnt schocked!
Entebbe – At approximately 1:35am local time on Thursday July 4th (22:35 GMT/UTC on Wednesday July 3rd) I was working late on floor above the ground when I felt the vibrations through the seat I was in. Outside the usual night time quiet was interrupted when I heard birds squaking and flying out of the trees in a panic. I noticed the windows, and everything in the room was vibrating(for lack of a better word) and that is when I realised it was an Earthquake. Probably lasted about 30-45 seconds,then everyt
Bunga, Kampala – I was in the bathroom having a bath and felt the ground shake. I run out for dear life!
Kampala – It was light
Mbuya, Kampala – felt the couch shake, the cats went crazy, confirmed with neighbors that it wasn’t my imagination. no damage, nothing fell. seems to be an aftershock.
Kampala – had one strong tremor at 10,30pm then two strong tremors at 1.30am, which were spaced approx 15 secs apart.So far no aftershocks of significance.
Kampala Bugolobi – Felt another tremor at 1 something,felt the ground move and heard birds outside making alot of noise!does anyone have any idea what is causing this?we might be sitting on a big thing waiting to happen!
kampala at sir apollo kagwa road. – late night at 1:40. I felt the floor is shaking.
Kololo, Kampala – In Kololo, Kampala I felt strong shaking at about 10.23 on Wednesday night and then at about 1.50 am on Thursady 4 July. In both cases windows, light bulbs and wall hanging were shaking for about 20 second
Arua – I was for supper, and there was this rumbling noise and soon I realise the house is vigorously shaking…. I had to do what every person in a life threatening situation would do… #Abandon my chicken
Kampala, Kasubi – so far it is the strongest shake i have ever felt, it took some time shaking and somehow i was nervous when will it stop but thanks be to Jesus it eventually stopped.
kireka – was on my bed n felt my legs shaking n the walls were vibrating
Mutundwe – it was light
Kampala, Munyonyo – I was reading my emails at about 1.30 am (EAT) when I felt the ground shaking lightly and doors squeaking.
Makerere – I felt it twice,lasted for about 15 to 30 seconds. I was on fifth floor and all of a sudden everything around was shaking including the bed! People started screaming and we all came out of hostel and waited in the parking lot for like 30mins
kampala – light shaking around 9:30 pm east african time..lasted 15 seconds..then second tremor around 2:00 am east african time
Ntinda2 Road, Kampala – I am working on my laptop.I feel that someone shaking my laptop.I run away outside. Dogs are barking because of earthquake.
Kampala – Kiwatule – I felt it…. First around 10.30 pm then again when I was sleeping around 1.30 am. The second one was longer and rather disconcerting!
Kampala – I was still working in office when a moderate shaking took place for about some seconds This happened approximately 22:40 on Wednesday 3 /07/ 2013
Kampala – Felt last night around 1030pm and again in the middle of the night awakened from sleep. Both times the vibrations were mild and only lasted for a short time like several seconds.
Kampala – Woke me up but I don’t know how long it lasted. Kinda scary.
Fort-Portal – Evening in house – Pre-noise – Shaked – Wondering – MOved out – 20-30 secs – 3 replicas felt in night
Nakaale, Karamoja, Uganda – I awoke at 1:30, feeling another tremor. The keys hanging in the door shook and made a lot of noise.
Kampala – Felt the room shaking for the second time today within three hours..July 4th around 1:20 am. Lasted a few seconds.
Buhweju – The shaking was minimal, never felt it much as i was driving home after work!
Kampala – Lying in bed, felt the bed rocking for about 30 seconds. Felt it again several hours later,at about 0130 h July 4.
Kampala – July 3rd 11 pm and again at around 1 am, watching the events in Egypt on CNN, I felt the bed shaking, TV rocked, dogs howling outside. Lasted about 45 sec – 1 min. Gentle build up and then faded away.
Masaka – In my office during a meeting, we experienced a light shaking for a short time.
Bwebajja – I am a international volunteer living in a house full of other volunteers. Some of us were laying on the floors drawing for classrooms at our volunteer location and felt the floor starting to shake. We all didn’t realize it was an EQ as first. It lasted for around for 5-7 seconds. We woke up to an after shock later in the night for a shorter amount of time. I just felt the bed shake for a few seconds then it was finished.
Najjera, Northern Kampala – i was just dozing off at about 2220 hrs when I felt my bed tremble and then sort of rock. i could hear the sound in the walls as they appeared to vibrate. I checked the time so that i could ascertain the source the next day. it was about 2224 hrs
Mukono Kampala – I asked my kids and the house helps to move out of the house! No govt official has yet issued a statement alerting the country on what to do should these tremors become severe
Kigoowa, Ntinda – In Kigoowa, Ntinda, i felt the first one at about 10:30pm, I was lying down thinking probably it will just pass like the one of Tuesday, when my bedroom door and wardrobe continued rumbling, tears began to flow but I was just too numb to move downstairs as I kept calling on the Name of Jesus Christ. Then the one after 1am, I was thinking to myself this is it. The dogs first started backing and even other dogs were backing in the Kiwatule neighbourhood, I just suspected it was coming back and lo
Angal, St Luke Hospital – Nebbi – was sleeping when suddenly I was woken up by the strong shaking of my bed. I admit I was very scared. woke up very fast and the only thing I could think of was pray. Quake was instantly followed by rain, much rain, which made me wonder, “what if it was a stronger earthquake, where would I run to for safety”? time was 1:30am and it was the second earthquake in 24 hours, the third in two days!
Kasese – House swaying, dogs barking that was at 10:30pm. Then another one at 1:27am.
Seeta, mukono – Three tremors in one week but the second one that happened around 10:30pm was prety stronger so i rushed my family outside for safety but the last one was not scary
kisaasi Ntinda – The ground was shaking. Everything that wasn’t nailed down was rattling. Terrifying! at about 10:30
Naalya, Kampala – I felt the bed I was sitting on vibrating for what seemed almost a minute. There was a bottle of water on the floor that visibly vibrated
Kololo, Kampala – Weak shaking, floor moving, cupboards rattling, lasted I guess 15-30 seconds.
Mbarara – Felt a long shaking at about 10:20pm, with internal doors rattling and a sustained rumbling sound. Was awakened by two more shakings during the night.
Ntinda – I was watching 2012 when suddenly I felt my sofa moving, at first I thought it was the movie but then the TV set started shaking – it was very scary – I ran out of the house- to an open place- just like I was told by my mum when I was young.
Kololo Hill Lane – I felt my bed shaking, so I got scared and ran out to the Living Room, just to see my television in the Living Room shaking like it was about to fall.
Nalya Estate, Kampala – I woke up with house vibrating. A lot of squeeking noise. All around neighborhood dogs were barking thinking thieves were trying to break walls.
Jinja – When i was sitting on bed suddenly bed was started shaking for few second and came out outside.
Kabalagala – I was seated on my bed when the tremors started…my bed,table and building were shaking alot.they died down after about 3 minutes.
Ntinda – I felt around 3times at 9.30pm 2times in between 05minites gap and around 1.20am almost 5sec. Hole building was shaking and can hear the windows are banging together.
Kampala – In the office, 7th floor of a 9 storey building along Yusuf Lule Road, experienced light shaking.

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